Hemalathaa Hitech Industries know the fact that the product quality initiates from the Process data, application and assessing Equipment criticality. Our Strong versatile experienced Design Teams acquaintance with process simulation able to work on the most efficient & effective products on the customary design and product. On hand professionally skill on relevant Softwares, Codes facilitates us for earlier Project completion.

Manufacturing all type of Pressure Vessels, Heat exchangers, Reactors, Columns; we handle exotic metals like SS 316LN, Titanium, Inconel, Nickel, Aluminum


Representing the Better designed product on the language of the worker who execute the work plays the vital role in flaw less Manufacturing. Our Core team convene engineering meeting on the designed product and explains the customer & product requirement till the dispatch by utilizing the sophisticated software .


Our facility and equipment capacity is ideally suited to fabricate medium to heavy Pressure Vessels, Class R Type Heat Exchanger. Our skilled engineers and technicians have extensive experience in custom manufacturing that require a high level of quality and consistent dimensional and shape control. Our Welding expertise employ majority of heavy fabrication welding like GTAW, GMAW, SMAW for all exposure of equipments. For higher corrosive application of Concentrated Nitric Acid, welding of 99.9% purity aluminum raw material shall be carried out by GTAW process.

Quality Control

We understand that unless the Raw Material Quality is the prime source of majority of equipment failure and hence sourcing and Metallurgy, Mechanical, InterGranular Corrosion, Impact, Eddy Current tests shall be preformed for 100% Raw Materials receipt. Welding plays vital role of the Process Equipments or any fabricating equipments and method of RT, UT, MPI, DPT shall be chosen for weld quality check. We have both in-house certified inspection and NABL accredited NDE lab/ which ensures our product quality standard. The quality requirements are carefully controlled by established and proven procedures by the quality assurance team. Ensured the quality during speedy completion of work by possess the adequate calibrated tools and machineries.

Value Added Services / Addition

Certain components will face severe problem of distortion, deformation during the course of Thermal Stress Relieving and Vibratory Stress Relieving shall be most appropriate method and followed in most of component (Metallurgy), Stainless Steel Vessel hydro test carried out only by Demineralised Water to avoid the contamination and for other chloride content less than 25PPM.


Installation, fabrication, site constructed process Equipments, pipelines are being handle on the time conscious manner. Maintaining the safety and site diplomacy, the work shall be scheduled to the nature of customer requirement & satisfaction.